The classic political drama that inspired the hit Netflix series

Francis Urquhart, Chief Whip of the Conservative Party, wants to get to Number 10 and will stop at nothing in his pursuit of power. This full-cast dramatisation packs a powerful punch in the fast-paced political thriller based on Micheal Dobbs bestselling novel of the same name.

The country is undecided after a close election and the party must stand united behind a new leader. Francis Urquhart has ambitions for the role, however several adversaries stand between him and the top job. Urquhart’s scheming reaches new levels of intrigue and scandal resulting in a deadly showdown. After receiving a series of leaks from an unknown source, journalist Mattie Storrin must follow her instinct for a story. But she has no idea how far this particular story will lead her down a path of deceit and destruction. As Storrin uncovers more than she expects and the web of lies becomes ever more complex, we’re left wondering how far Urquhart is prepared to go in pursuit of power? This thrilling production will have you wondering if it’s really true that, ‘he who wields the knife never wears the crown.’

Listen to the full series, available for the first time as a download, and follow the ruthless ambition of the master schemer. Embark on this story of blackmail, intrigue and suspense as one man does everything he can to eliminate his enemies.

The Insane Route – A close election sees evil Chief Whip Francis Urquhart start scheming his way into 10 Downing Street.

The Dart of a Chance – Francis puts pressure on Roger, and a press leak occurs. Meanwhile, Mattie wonders who her new ally is.

The Unkindest Cut – Francis deals with an irate media mogul who wants the Prime Minister replaced, after sitting on a leak.

In Hot Pursuit – Francis uses the Prime Minister’s brother as the lynchpin to his plans. Mattie starts to get suspicious.

The Path to Danger – An unpopular media merger seems to put Francis’ plans at risk. Roger is once more forced to co-operate.

Death and the Maiden – Roger finally stands up for himself, but pays the price. His misfortune, however, gives Mattie her lead.