Comedy by Harry Venning and Neil Brand about a team of inept, backstabbing surveillance operatives

The time, now – the place, outside your window. Three surveillance operatives are on an unspecified job, working for an unspecified employer. Together, they are Beagle Team.

Good surveillance operatives have patience, alertness and discretion – this is a series about the other type of surveillance operative.

Bill, career snoop and technical specialist, has long carried a torch for beautiful yet disconnected fieldworker Sharla, who doesn’t know he exists, despite sharing the back of a van with him for most of their working life. Mark, an enthusiastic, wily, slightly criminal trainee, has been assigned to them by their unknown employer, who goes by the codename of “Huntsman”.

Each episode introduces fresh targets, situations and locations. The objects of the team’s surveillance are guaranteed to stretch their improvisational skills. However, the team still finds time to indulge in the usual round of office politics; bitching, backstabbing and scapegoating, usually directed at whichever member is out in the field with the microphones.