‘Host Planet Earth’ is a sci-fi serial in six parts originally broadcast between July and September 1967. At that time, concerns were being raised about microbes being brought back to Earth by the American and Russian space programmes. Set in England, the British space programme is eager to compete and has gained an advantage with the invention of a propulsion system that enables exploration of distant regions of the universe within weeks instead of years

The danger of invading – or invasive – alien species is only being realised very slowly, following some bizarre and seemingly unconnected events. Has that realisation come too late?

Episode 1 – The Beginning – On the eve of Britain’s first manned space shot, the death toll among those involved causes alarm.
Episode 2 – The Empty Minds – Britain’s first manned space mission under way. There is still confusion as to whether the team is in danger.
Episode 3 – The Pattern Emerges – Deaths strike amongst the space project detractors. In Earth orbit, the Starfarer prepares for deep space.
Episode 4 – The Gemini Factor – David Holland deduces that twins may be immune to the alien influence. The Starfarer returns to Earth orbit.
Episode 5 – The Arrival – David Holland urges the Minister of Defence to destroy the Starfarer before it can return to Earth.
Episode 6 – The Price of Freedom – The Starfarer has returned from space, but the men inside it are dead. Are aliens set to takeover Earth?


Harold Benson .… Ian Thompson
Claire Stuart .… Brenda Bruce
Professor Tate .… Rolf Lefebvre
Professor Ormskirk .… Clive Morton
David Holland .… Alexander John
Rathbone .… Timothy Bateson
Dr Edwards .… Heron Carvic
Sister .… Beth Boyd
Nat Blakey .… Nigel Anthony
Editor .… Antony Viccars
Policeman .… Preston Lockwood

Written by Colin Cooper and Anne Howell.