Comedy series set in the world of arts broadcasting

Series 1
Episode 1 A heavy metal band takes action over a back stage expose.
Episode 2 Camilla revamps the TV arts show when budgets must be slashed. From September 1993.
Episode 3 Camilla revamps the TV arts show to keep her cutting edge lover. From October 1993.
Episode 4 The TV arts show team schmooze Hollywood royalty at the Cannes Film Festival. From 1993.
Episode 5 The TV arts show team try to boost ratings with their own awards show. From October 1993.
Episode 6 The TV arts show goes to the opera, but can Camilla find love before the fat lady sings?

Series 2
Episode 1 Are hard rockers Tanks ‘n’ Daisies as wild as they seem? Ellis sheds some light on things.
Episode 2 Brian sets out to woo an old flame using only the power of language. With Kevin Eldon.
Episode 3 Religious music is all the rage, leading to an uneasy reunion for arts reporter Brian.

Series 3
Episode 1 Music in Verona or Birmingham? The TV Arts show’s new presenter Sheena fancies Brum.
Episode 2 Are the daffy TV arts show team facing an alien incursion? The truth is out there.
Episode 3 Sheena delves into lottery corruption for the TV arts show, but Tim is keen to win it.
Episode 4 Brian creates a stir when he embarks on a biography of Britain’s greatest playwright.