How does the family of Fulton Jones cope when he reappears after walking out 20 years before?

As suddenly as he disappeared, Fulton Jones returns to his family – wife Margaret and children Rosie and Martin. He went to the newsagent to buy matches 20 years before and, bold as brass, waltzes back assuming his role as father figure once more. Margaret is perplexed, whilst Rosie and Martin are furious!

1 The Family Gathering – Fulton Jones alarms his wife and children when he returns after a 20-year absence.
2 Old Habits – Fulton Jones resumes his old ways after a 20-year family absence. Stars Robin Bailey.
3 Enter the Airship – Fulton meets daughter-in-law, Cyrilla, for the first time. How will they get on?
4 Courage, Mother, Courage – Margaret plans to infuriate husband Fulton by revealing she’s taken a lover.
5 Doctor Thumper and the Incredibly Inky Ruler – Fulton discloses the facts behind his long absence, and where he’s been.
6 Poling Off – Fulton and Margaret prepare to rededicate their vows.

First Broadcast in 1980