has quickly gained the respect and appeal of an entire population of Indians and non Indians alike. The group have the ability to satire almost flawlessly the culture that resides in Indian culture outside India, especially in England. With familiar characters like the Muffins and the Kapoors (pronounced Coopers), you will become an addict. The Muffins, a pair of Asian Brits whose culture is both cockney, Indian and black, are as endearing as Laurel and Hardy. They are ‘Buggers’, bunghis with black attitude. They sing, they laugh and they make fun of everything remotely ‘asian’ under the sun. Skits like the “Asian university”, “Bharat Homes”, and the father whose perspective sees everything as Indian. If you are a British born Asian you will not fail to laugh at them, with them and at yourself… Three cheers for GOODNESS GRATIOUS ME!!!