Hardeep Singh Kohli travels around the UK cooking Sunday lunch for people with remarkable stories

Series 1
Episode 1 – Hardeep meets Avril and Ron Head, who have dedicated their lives to caring for children.
Episode 2 – In Liverpool, Wayne and Lindsay tell Hardeep how dramatic weight loss changed their lives.
Episode 3 – Hardeep cooks for Peter and Will, who became friends after Peter broke into Will’s house.
Episode 4 – Hardeep Singh Kohli visits the last Independent Labour Party socialist tea room in the UK.
Episode 5 – Hardeep Singh Kohli visits a family who fled the Congo to set up home in Bradford.
Episode 6 – Hardeep cooks lunch for the director and volunteers of the Cat Survival Trust.

Series 2
Foundlings 1 – Hardeep Singh Kohli meets Iain and Alison, who tell a remarkable story of abandonment.
Marina Chapman 2 – Yorkshire grandmother Marina Chapman tells her dramatic tale of survival in the wild.
Fisherman’s Friends 3 – Hardeep visits the picturesque fishing village of Port Isaac on the north Cornish coast.
Jackie and Graham 4 – Hardeep Singh Kohli cooks for two people whose story is all about new beginnings.

Series 3
Hardeep meets Joe Powell 1 – In Newport, South Wales, Joe Powell tells Hardeep about his life with Asperger’s syndrome.
Hardeep Cooks at the Circus 2 – Hardeep Singh Kohli enters the marvellous and mystifying world of the circus.
Crime, Gangs and Food 3 – Hardeep Singh Kohli meets the woman who broke up a notorious south London gang.
The Kemp Family 4 – Hardeep meets the Kemps, a family more connected than most.

Series 4
Hands 1 – Hardeep meets Corinne Hutton, who is in line to make British medical history.
Journeymen Boxers 2 – Hardeep Singh Kohli cooks a protein-packed lunch for journeymen boxers Johnny and Frank.
Bradford 3 – Hardeep Singh Kohli hears a heartwarming story of friendship across a religious divide.

Series 5
02/10/2016 1 – Hardeep Singh Kohli travels the UK cooking lunch for people with remarkable stories.
Women Wrestlers 2 – Hardeep is in the Yorkshire Dales to meet wrestler Connie Hodgson.
Radicalised Sons 3 – Hardeep meets poet Rashid El Sheikh, whose sons went to Syria with tragic consequences.
Song of Voice 4 – Hardeep hears the story of how a non-verbal boy’s parents helped him find his voice.

Series 6
Inverness 1 – In Inverness, Hardeep Singh Kohli makes a haggis curry for Colin Campbell and Rona Tynan.
Therapeutic Beekeeping 2 – On the island of Anglesey, Hardeep Singh Kohli meets master beekeeper Katie Hayward.

Series 7
Northern Ireland 1 – Hardeep Singh Kohli travels round the UK cooking lunch for people with remarkable stories.
Leeds 2 – Hardeep Singh Kohli travels round the UK cooking lunch for people with remarkable stories.