The Sony award-winning radio series starring Marcus Brigstocke, with David Mitchell and Stephen Moore

Unthinkable Solutions are the hapless management consultants who inflict their unique brand of help on unsuspecting companies.

This first series of the BBC Radio 4 comedy won a Silver Award at the Sony Radio Academy Awards, and stars Marcus Brigstocke as team leader Ryan (‘Imagine you are square pegs and we are round holes. Try to think of me as a round hole’), Emma Kennedy as the sociopathic Sophie, Catherine Shepherd as dopey Daisy, and David Mitchell as Owen: ‘Alright, losers!’

It’s time to think the unthinkable as Longleys Bank needs to transform its image. So what can the team of consultants bring to the table? Ryan and company also become part of rationalising council services (i.e. sacking people), and an ailing high street retailer desperately seeks their help (and they must be desperate).

It’s time to bring IT expert Owen into the loop when customer complaints reach record levels at a call centre and its mission critical with the capital’s transport system in shambles. It’s time for the team to get pro-active…

Over five episodes, Unthinkable Solutions prove that there is no ‘I’ in team – but there is one in ‘incompetent’.