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If smugglers were the rock stars of the day, then Tamsyn Trelawney was Drumlin Bay’s own Ms. Dynamite-ee-ee. But she has plenty of problems to cope with: a has-been father who takes credit for her adventurous exploits, a crew that has less brains than the local sheep, a suspicious Preventive Officer determined to prove she’s breaking the law and the local Customs Collector, a keen young soldier from London, who’s fallen for her but doesn’t know she’s a smuggler … but are they all problems?

Tamsyn Trelawney … Lucy Speed (series 1) Sheridan Smith (series 2)
Jago Trelawney … John Bowe
Major Thomas Falconer … Cameron Stewart
Captain Marriot … Andrew McGibbon
Squire Bascomb/Mad Gilbert … Martin Hyder
Dewey … Mark Felgate
various characters … Phil Nice

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Elephants to Catch Eels

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