When five 30-something Asian women get together for ritual ‘girlie’ evenings, nothing is sacred

Friendships are tested, marriages analysed, and secrets exposed…

Vinny’s exciting news gets mixed reactions and Sonal is shocked by who’s invited Tula on a date.

Dan and Sonal move house. Vinny and Ali try to assert some control over their young son, who’s causing havoc because Vinny’s pregnant.

Sonal calls on Samina’s legal expertise and Jabeen gets welcome news from husband Joe.

Vinny arrives home with a bundle of joy whilst Samina is furious with Saleem.

Jabeen has a stormy appearance on cable TV, prompting a girlie night. Does Samina have good news?

Dan’s financial woes catch up with him, Tula’s ex remarries – and Salim has a secret…

As tragedy strikes, can the five feisty, foxy, fighting females try to forgive and forget?