Jim Thackeray is a renowned landscape gardener. He is also a first-class private detective. When a murder takes place in the Shakesperean-themed gardens he has designed, both elements of his life come together with dramatic consequences.

1: Battle Cry – When someone is accidentally killed in re-enacting a medieval battle, Thackeray is pulled in to investigate.

2: This Blessed Plot – Thackeray’s chance to redesign an Italian garden is thwarted by the disappearance of his employer. andscape gardener-cum-detective Jim Thackeray needs to combine his skills when a murder takes place in the Shakespeare-themed garden he has designed. The victim is the ex-wife of a Turkish multi-millionaire and the crime is committed during a ‘Shakespeare’ party Thackeray is holding.

3: Death and the Ice Maiden – Gail asks her father to look into the strange deathbed confession of a friend’s grandmother.

Written by Olwen Wymark and Barbara Clegg