Ghosts From Past BBC Radio Drama’s

1. Black Stockings & Broken Mirrors [08/04/92] by Bernadette Crosthwaite. With Maureen O’Brian, Margo Boyd. Directed by Martin Jenkins.

2. Boat Hook, The [15/04/92] by Sheila Hodgson. A Norwegian professor driven to his death by a model of the boat in which his first wife died. Starring: Michael Williams, Eric Allan, Brett Usher, David King, Siriol Jenkins, Peter Tuddenham, David Learner, Gudrun Ure, Joanna Wake and Neil Roberts. Directed by Martin Jenkins.

3. Mortmain [22/04/92] by John Metcalfe. A honeymoon couple are trapped in a bizarre nightmare world of possession. With Robert Glenister, Helena Breck, David March. Directed by Martin Jenkins.

4. Warden for All Saints [29/04/92] by H.S. Bhabra. In H. S. Bhabra’s story, the undead are stalking the corridors of Oxbridge. Dramatised by Jerry Jones. Directed by Martin Jenkins. Benjamin Whitrow, John Rowe.