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Counter Measures (Doctor Who Spinoff)

Counter Measures is a series of audio adventures spinning off from Doctor Who. Tracing back to Sylvester McCoy's Remembrance of the Daleks, it picks up on characters from that serial, who go on to form an organisation called Counter Measures set up to investigate alien technology (sitting somewhere in the Torchwood/UNIT space.)

The good news is that Big Finish have made the first two episodes from Season One (standalone stories) available for free:

Episode 1: Threshold

(Requires registration - no payment details needed)

A missing scientist and ghostly phenomena bring Gilmore and Allison to a factory in Bermondsey, and the discovery of a science that should not exist. As Rachel Jensen returns to help them, a new future for Counter-Measures is set in motion...

Episode 2: Artificial Intelligence

(This was featured on the Big Finish Podcast in July 2015)

Investigating a suicide at the Sen-Gen Facility, the group discovers a new weapon in the Cold War – and Gilmore meets an old flame. Meanwhile Rachel discovers that she can’t trust anyone, not even the sound of her own voice...

These are a great introduction to the series (4 seasons were made, but to my knowledge the other stories are not legally available for free), and good stories in their own right - although the premise is similar to UNIT or Torchwood, they have their own unique flavour.

I should add - the full first 2 series are available to stream on Spotify, even on a free account (each series is 4 episodes) - including behind the scenes interviews etc....

Series 1

Series 2

The links in the original post allow download, but to get episodes beyond those two for free you'll need to stream

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