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Audiobook: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Author Cory Doctorow released this novel under a Creative Commons licence, encouraging his readers to redistribute and remix as they saw fit, provided they shared their work under the same terms and conditions.

One such reworking was the recording of the audiobook (see Doctorow's own blog entry about it here). The original site it was released in isn't working (I get an error code on it) but the files are still there - and under the cc licence are freely shareable...

Down and Out is a wonderfully mad story set in a post-singularity future where reputation has replaced currency, and communities cooperate to fill a void once filled by corporations. Jules (our hero) is in one such community managing The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom, and finds his world falling apart as he becomes embroiled in a murder mystery. This pre-Facebook/Instagram novel predicts an internet-linked society obsessed with the affirmation of others and is an enjoyable/thought provoking tale reflecting - in part - on the corporate copyright culture... 

The recordings are here (approx 4 hours):

Those who want to read it can find it in many formats on Doctorow's blog.

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