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Clare in the Community is a British comic strip in The Guardian newspaper, written by Harry Venning. The title is a play on words relating to care in the community. The strip has been successfully adapted for radio on BBC Radio 4, starring Sally Phillips as Clare.

Clare is a social worker with all the right jargon who likes to sort out other people’s problems while ignoring her own. She is white, middle class and heterosexual – but doesn’t like to be reminded of it. She is a control freak but both her personal and professional lives are out of control.

Track Listing

S01E01 – Babysitter
S01E02 – Adoption
S01E03 – Glad To Be Ray
S01E04 – Last Words
S01E05 – Combat Zone
S01E06 – Stage Fright
S02E01 – Past Caring
S02E02 – Relax
S02E03 – Meet The Press
S02E04 – Brian Come Home
S02E05 – Mean Streets
S02E06 – Doolah’s Choice
S03E01 – Letter From America
S03E02 – Merry Christmas Mrs Lawrance
S03E03 – Brenda’s Birthday
S03E04 – We Need To Talk About Brian
S03E05 – The Redcap
S03E06 – Clare’s Last Stand
S04E01 – Mother Of All Mothers
S04E02 – A Game Of Two Slavs
S04E03 – And The Winner Is
S04E04 – Carry On Up The Amazon
S04E05 – My Funny Valentine
S04E06 – The Long Goodbye
S05E01 – Name Calling
S05E02 – Too Cool For School
S05E03 – Girls On Film
S05E04 – It’s Good To Talk
S05E05 – Garden Party
S05E06 – The 1864 Mining Disaster
S06E01 – Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire
S06E02 – Luck Of The Irish
S06E03 – Some Others Do ‘Ave ‘Em
S06E04 – Clare v God
S06E05 – In The Dog House
S06E06 – The Crush
S07E01 – The Prisoner
S07E02 – To Kill A Mocking Bird
S07E03 – Rude Girl
S07E04 – Debt Of Honour
S07E05 – Heroes
S07E06 – Basic Attraction
S08E01 – Hot Desk
S08E02 – On Expenses
S08E03 – Fifty Shades Of Ray
S08E04 – Nanny State
S08E05 – The Scapegoat
S08E06 – The Parent Trap
S08E07 – In Treatment – (Edinburgh Special)
S09E01 – Stand By Your Man
S09E02 – In Blog We Trust
S09E03 – Away Day Wey Hey
S09E04 – Driven To Extremes
S09E05 – Panic Room
S09E06 – Come Dine With Me
S10E01 – My Kinda Town
S10E02 – Family Values
S10E03 – Sisters
S10E04 – Things That Go Bump In The Day
S10E05 – This Is A Man’s World
S10E06 – Party On
S11E01 – Fight Them on the Beaches
S11E02 – Hell on Wheels
S11E03 – Unfaithful
S11E04 – Momento
S11E05 – Joan Alone
S11E06 – You Take The High Road