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Tom Wrigglesworth’s Hang-Ups on Radio 4, meanwhile, is as grounded as you like. It’s warm and gentle, with just enough bite to stop it from dissolving into mushy nostalgia.The series consists of dramatised phone calls between Tom and his family, interspliced with sections where Tom directly addresses the audience to move the story along. These moments are fun, the radio equivalent of Miranda looking to camera and pulling a face, but the real joy is listening to Tom interact with the actors playing his family. It’s all so keenly observed. His parents still answer the phone by blurting out their own number. And while they fit the universal stereotype of an ageing couple, mum is kind and overshares, dad is obsessed with historical minutiae and convinced that everything costs too much. but there’s just enough specificity to reassure us that he really knows these people.

Tom Wrigglesworth: Utterly at Odds with the Universe Special Adapted from his sell-out Edinburgh show Tom Wrigglesworth takes an emotional journey exploring his profound relationship with his granddad, and comes to fully understand the influence he has had on his life.

Track Listing

  1. S01E01 – Time to Celebrate
  2. S01E02 – Problems with a Package
  3. S01E03 – Horsing Around
  4. S01E04 – Out of Our Tree
  5. S02E01 – Lost and Found
  6. S02E02 – Point of No Return
  7. S02E03 – Running on Empty
  8. S02E04 – The Separatists
  9. S02E05 – Earning Your Corn
  10. S02E06 – The Well of Loneliness
  11. S03E01 – Broadband on the Run
  12. S03E02 – The Madman in the Attic
  13. S03E03 – Profit and Loss
  14. S03E04 – The Animal Lovers
  15. S03E05 – How to Make a Killing
  16. S03E06 – A Christmas Not Special
  17. S04E01 – Strangers on a Train
  18. S04E02 – Big Tom and the Hendersons
  19. S04E03 – Construction Time Again
  20. S04E04 – A Dance to the Music of Tom
  21. S04ESP – Utterly at Odds with the Universe