By Sue Limb. Alison And Maud is a drama sitcom about two sisters who run a Bed and Breakfast in Norwich. Their reclusive bed bound father lives with them and they have an accountant friend called Bernard. Unfortunately the sisters are terrible at running the guest house and the comedy centres on their inability to look after their guests.

Series 1
01 Fishing For Compliments. Is there something fishy about Bernard, besides his VAT returns?
02 Lame Ducks. Landlady Alison tries to avoid a courtship display without a hastily invented husband.
03 Family Hold Back. How does Maud manage to come up trumps in the middle of the night? What will the guests make of what’s in the saucepan?
04 Tennis Balls And Military Tattoos. The landladies’ accountant and clergy guest discover they’ve something in common.
05 The Unmentionable. A nasty moment for Bernard in the granny flat, or is the landladies’ daddy only joking?
06 Speaking In Tongues. The Bishop comes to tea, Maud acquires a PC and there’s an incident on the road and Will handyman Mr Mullett and the Bishop of Norwich get too close for comfort?

Series 2
01 Beds In The East Are Soft. Daddy’s not keen on his new orthopaedic mattress, so he and Maud try a crafty swap.
02 A Gender Agenda. A visit from Bernard’s mother raises the landladies’ suspicion.
03 Golf Is A Four Letter Word. Landlady Maud seeks solace in Test Match Special and Alison gets in a flap.
04 Just Say No. The landladies’ daddy battles with hallucinogenic fungus and chips.
05 Free Range Angels. The landlady sisters make merry with a Thai take-away.
06 Men Misbehaving But Only Slightly. The landlady sisters plan a celebration for Father’s 85th birthday.