On a flat roof above suburban south London, Chris Neill is joined by Isy Suttie and Martin Hyder, hacking back the undergrowth of his life for the comedy stories buried within.

“A rapid-fire English David Sedaris. Every word is perfectly chosen and perfectly used.” – Miranda Sawyer, The Observer

After ten episodes of Woof, in Raging Enigma Chris Neill continues to reveal the unvarnished realities of being a really quite mediocre man. Memoir continues to underpin these illustrated stand-up shows, and the subject matter is as varied as before. But this time without the studio audience.

Funerals, skin heads, Bentall’s department store in Kingston-upon-Thames and the perils of basic flat roof repair – all life is truly here.

“Chris Neill’s show is a consummate masterpiece” – Susan Nickson

“Blissfully well written. Neill may be first and foremost a comedian, but his observations are as acute as any novelist’s. Sweet, sharp and very funny.” – The Times