Political journalist Jonathan Pie gets a radio phone-in show and as his personal and professional worlds collide we see why he’s so incredibly angry about absolutely everything.

The BBC – Jonathan Pie (Tom Walker) is roped in last minute to host BBC radio’s most popular phone-in show. Basically there’s no one else available. Out of his depth and up to his neck in it, Pie manages to just about hold it together. He muses on the state of the BBC and in one breath is singing its praises and in the next he tears into it with his usual gusto.

Money – It’s Pie’s last night as guest host of the BBC’s flagship radio phone-in show. Pie is worried about money as he faces a moral and financial dilemma. He hijacks the show and uses the platform to air his frank views on the privately educated elite. He causes quite a stir, much to Roger’s (Pie’s boss’s) delight. Jules’s day however is about to get a lot worse.

Brexit – Much to Pie’s horror it has been decided that the opening show should be about Brexit. Pie has, quite frankly had it up to the back teeth with Brexit. He has a go at callers from both sides of the debate but Jules suspects something fishy and confronts Pie about his voting history. This does not go down well! Gauntlet thrown down, Pie takes to the airwaves to deliver an epic rant about Brexit that will end them all. He sincerely hopes.

Race – After a night of riots in Sam’s home town, Pie makes a stupid remark and Sam takes umbrage. Pie takes to the airwaves to prove his non-racist credentials, but ends up looking like a slice of Gammon on the side of the road. Sam and Pie make up and soon Jules is thinking that she herself might be a bit racist because she didn’t like a film that Sam likes. It’s all gets a bit silly really.

Online – Pie’s agent advises him to get on social media to help him garner a younger fanbase. Out of his comfort zone, Pie soon gains a troll…the mysterious Mr “O”. Who could that be? Meanwhile Roger asks Sam to help him clean up his work laptop because it’s full of evidence of Roger’s “extra-curricular activities”. The revelations about Roger are matched by what the team finds out about Jules. Probably too much information all round.

Women – When Roger warns Pie that he must widen his demographic, Pie decides to dedicate an entire show to “women’s issues”. Pie’s combative and contrary style does not suit the topic and Pie is taught a lesson or two by the female callers. Jules also gets involved by threatening Pie with quite serious bodily harm if he doesn’t shut his “rancid instant-coffee stinking mouth”. Pie is dismayed as he never touches instant coffee.

Comedy – When Pie says a very bad word in a meeting he is asked to apologise. Instead of doing just that however, he decides that it was “just a joke” and that he is a victim of cancel culture. He then hijacks the entire show to discuss the state of free speech in comedy. When Jules and Roger both implore him to apologise he is enraged even further. Can Jules persuade him to stop being a tit in time for him to save his job?

Drugs – Pie is doing a phone-in show about drugs policy in the UK, a subject he knows absolutely nothing about. He enlists the help of Sam to guide him through the country’s drug culture. When Pie’s narcissistic coke-fuelled agent pops in, things take a turn for the bizarre and he ends the evening knowing a lot more about drugs than he did at the start.

NHS – It’s Pie’s birthday and he’s really rather depressed about it. Until that is Roger shows up with egg on his face. Literally. The show’s topic is the state of the NHS but Pie seems obsessed with old age and death. When he is forced to reflect on his experiences of lockdown we discover that he had a more miserable time than most. Later he finally gets the chance to interview a junior health minister. Can he step up?

The Environment – Pie is running late with a child in tow. For various reasons, Pie has to juggle fatherly duties whilst hosting a late night phone-in show. The subject for the evening is The Environment. What starts as a rather light-hearted discussion soon descends into an angry an emotional plea for us to stop setting light to things that help us all to breathe. Pie’s sign off at the end of the show contravenes all sorts of broadcasting standards, but he doesn’t seem to care. Will Roger?