All 18 episodes of the BBC radio series based on J. B. Morton’s surreally comic ‘Beachcomber’ column.

J.B. Morton took over the ‘By The Way’ column in the Daily Express in 1924 – succeeding his friend D.B. Wyndham-Lewis as Beachcomber – and continued writing it for over 50 years. Anarchic, absurdist and profoundly influential, it had a huge cult following, and paved the way for a great deal of modern humour.

These three series bring Beachcomber’s irreverent jottings to hilarious life, with Richard Ingrams as the eponymous author: ‘Greetings, my public’, interruptions from John Wells as Prodnose: ‘What is all this?’, ‘Begone, you oaf!’ (door slams after Prodnose), and Patricia Routledge, John Sessions and Joan Sims as the notorious Twelve Red-Bearded Dwarves, among others. Also participating in the nonsense are silken-voiced announcer Brian Perkins and guest stars June Whitfield, Brian Bowles, Simon Greenall and Henrietta Gooden.

Featuring Morton’s familiar colourful characters, in all their larger-than life glory – including Dr Strabismus (whom God preserve) of Utrecht, Colonel Wretch, Mr Justice Cocklecarrot, Captain Foulenough, Lady Cabstanleigh, Lord Shortcake, Dingipoos, Carstairs and Big White – these 18 rib-tickling adventures perfectly recreate his wonderful, whimsical world.