Beachcomber was the signature for JB Morton who for many years produced comedic material with many silly/surreal twists for the British newspaper The Daily Express’s By The Way page(s).

The BBC adapted some of Morton’s material for Radio 4 with John Sessions and Patricia Routledge.

With Richard Ingrams as Beachcomber and John Wells as Prodnose.

For series 3, June Whitfield and Joan Sims joined the cast.

Characters include judge Mr Justice Cocklecarrot with alternating prosecuting/defending counsels Mr Tinklebury Snapdriver and Mr Honeyweather Gooseboote with appearances in court by The Red Bearded Dwarfs. Also, Dr Smart-Allick at his school Narkover and Dr Strabismus (whom God preserve) of Utrecht with his odd inventions.

Series 1 1989, Series 2 1991, Series 3 1994