This is a 2012 comedy about marriage counselling, penned by Will Smith (no, not that Will Smith). One year into married life and cracks are already showing for Will and Annabelle. After Will’s unimaginative anniversary present (a draining rack) creates even more doubt, Annabelle has signed them up for marriage counselling.

The Aniversary (Pilot) – After Will’s terrible choice in gift, Annabelle signs the couple up for marriage counselling
The Dinner Party – Will and Annabelle try to explain a disastrous dinner party to the counsellor
Sally’s Birthday – Annabelle’s mum is turning 60. Will is just trying to get along with his father-in-law
The Music Festival – Will is dragged along to a music festival, and Annabelle adds insult to injury by bringing her annoying friend Heather
The Bathroom – After a renovation mishap, Annabelle blames Will for not standing up to the builder, Will blames her for hiring him. Meanwhile the counsellor has his own problems

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