The crime investigations of Sara Paretsky’s Chicago private eye VI Warshawski.

Killing Orders – Years ago, Warshawski’s aunt Rosa treated the detective’s beloved mother in an unforgiveable way. Rosa is now in trouble, but VI is not prepared to forgive so easily. Stars Kathleen Turner.

Deadlock – At the funeral of her ice-hockey hero cousin, private eye V I Warshawski gets suspicious. Was his death really an accident?

Publicity Stunts – Private Detective V I Warshawski is being set up for a murder she didn’t commit – of a woman she hardly knew. Read by Buffy Davis. The victim is a famous crime fiction writer. Her latest book threatens to uncover the shame of a small American town whose dark secrets and those of her tormentor have been buried for decades.

Bitter Medicine – Private eye V.I. Warshawski suspects all is not well at a hospital after the death of a young girl who was pregnant.

Sara Paretsky has created one of the most popular female sleuths in modern crime fiction. Her heroine, V I Warshawski, is a strong female character in a male-dominated world. V I is comfortable packing heat and trailing nasty suspects but she never loses touch with her basic femininity. Paretsky says of her Warshawski: “I was troubled by the way women were portrayed in (detective fiction) they always seemed either evil or powerless. I thought it was time for a tough, smart, likeable female private investigator”.