A series of six comedy dramas by Mark and Daniel Maier.

All Downhill from Here: Episode 1 of 6 A group of desperate friends are landed in an unfortunate situation on a ski lift. Stars Olivia Coleman. From September 2003.

Stand-Up Tragedy: Episode 2 of 6 Backstage at a comedy club, four comics discover life on the circuit isn’t all fun. Stars Philip Jackson. From September 2003.

Sow Cottage: Episode 3 of 6 Before a couple can live in their new home, a spirit needs placating. Stars Robert Webb and Daniel Maier. From September 2003.

The Art Class: Episode 4 of 6 An art tutor with commitment issues gets into the clutches of a determined Russian model. Stars Alex Lowe. From September 2003.

A Boy in A Well: Episode 5 of 6 A local television news team are desperate for a dramatic story to boost their ratings. With Philip Jackson. From October 2003

Clem Walder’s Way Out: Episode 6 of 6 With three wives, Clem can’t keep up his treble life any longer. How can he escape them all? Stars Alex Lowe. From October 2003.