Geth Straker – captain of the Peregrine – gets an offer to search for Italian gold sunk during the Second World War.

  1. The Charter – Geth Straker gets an offer to search for sunken Italian gold bullion.
  2. Through The Ditch – Are the two new crew members of the Peregrine what they seem?
  3. The Hi-Jackers – Searching for Second World War gold, why have two crew members seized the Peregrine?
  4. The Rendezvous – Having seized the Peregrine, will Sergei and Perry reveal their plans?
  5. I’ll Settle For Leopards – What will be the cost of Straker’s attempt to save Karianides?
  6. The Leopard Crouches – Can Captain Geth Straker recapture the Peregrine? Stars Neil McCallum.
  7. The Long Dive – With the true nature of the treasure revealed, which side with Straker choose?
  8. Surface Break – Can Straker and Abdul avoid the chasing Karianides and foil his sinister plan?