Creators of the hit Radio 4 Sci Fi comedy Quanderhorn, Rob Grant (Son of Cliché, Spitting Image, Red Dwarf) and Andrew Marshall (Burkiss Way, Whoops Apocalypse, 2point4children) invite you back for a deeper glimpse into the steaming primordial swamps of their hideously contorted imaginations, known only as The Nether Regions.

Trapped with them in the dank basements of their fetid minds are sparkling young talents Helen Cripps, Edward Rowett and Holly Morgan.

The Nether Regions is our dystopian present – it’s now, but not now, and then, but now. Not.

Past, present and future merge into one writhing tortured tangle, where the Naked Truth climbs out of the window, because Fake News has come home unexpectedly early.

Continuing the mirth, mayhem and something else beginning with M of the highly acclaimed pilot show. Scream in terror. Then listen to the show. Then scream in terror again, as you witness:

Germany’s most efficient fast food sausage establishment
The recently rediscovered classic, Jane Austen’s Love Island
Thinking dogs for the stupid
The tortured souls who are addicted to being Alan Bennett.

These and other mind-munching experiences await the unwary listener. Make sure you book a return ticket.