The godfather of the hard-boiled detective novel, Dashiell Hammett is widely acknowledged as one of America’s greatest mystery writers. This collection brings together the BBC radio adaptations of his works for the first time, including the iconic The Maltese Falcon, featuring his most famous character: Sam Spade.

The Maltese Falcon

San Francisco, 1928. When his partner is murdered on an assignment, private detective Sam Spade is drawn into a dangerous case involving a treacherous femme fatale and the priceless black statuette of a falcon…. Tom Wilkinson and Jane Lapotaire star in this thrilling dramatisation of Hammett’s most famous novel.

Secret Agent X-9

New York, 1934, and Secret Agent X-9 is about to embark on his most deadly mission yet. Falsely accused of murder, he struggles to stay one step ahead of the law in his relentless pursuit of his arch enemy, ‘The Top’. Dramatised from a comic strip co-created by Dashiell Hammett, this tale of mystery, murder and mayhem stars Stuart Milligan, Connie Booth and William Hootkins.

Nightmare Town

Arriving in the desert boom town of Izzard, Arizona, sharp-edged tough guy Steve Threefall meets the beautiful, terrified Nova Vallance – and encounters danger, intrigue and a dark mystery…. Read by Stuart Milligan.

The Man Who Killed Dan Odams

An escaped killer fleeing cross-country stumbles upon an isolated farm in Montana, inhabited by a woman and her young son…. This mysterious and brooding noir western is read by Stuart Milligan.