Mutiny on the Bounty is a gripping adventure of the high seas and a story of treachery and betrayal.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, this epic three-part serial tells the true story of Fletcher Christians dramatic mutiny against his tyrannical Captain and how Lieutenant Bligh when cast adrift in an open rowing boat with 18 loyal men makes an incredible voyage across 3,600 miles of hostile and uncharted seas to the Dutch East Indies, while Fletcher Christian and his fellow mutineers fight for survival on the battered and wind-swept island of Pitcairn.

Oliver Reed as William Bligh
Linus Roach as Fletcher Christian
Roger Daltrey as Thomas Burkett
Lionel Jeffries as Alexander Smith
David Healey as Captain Folger
with Lynhdam Gregory, Mamta Kaash, Steve Hodson, Andrew Schofield, Vincent Friel, Joe Dunlop, Charles Simpson, David Roper, Richard Pearce, Russell Floyd, Clive Hill, Jonathan Keeble, Ali Hames & full supporting cast.

Based on the trilogy of books by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall
Dramatisation: Bert Coules