Five short plays by Katie Hims with an osculatory theme.

Waterloo East – The best kiss Jeanie has ever had was when Dan broke her heart on the platform of London’s Waterloo East Station. A year later he wants her back, and though she knows that he’ll dump her again, she did love that kiss.

The Advertiser – A 73-year-old woman decides that she wants to kiss someone for the first time in her life. .

The Kiss That Never Happened – Ted thinks his time has come. He has imagined kissing Liesl for several years, while she has dated, got engaged, married and mothered. But now he thinks her marriage is in trouble.

The Accident – When Sean dies in an accident, his father, Ray, kisses him and is shocked by how cold his skin is. Ray begins to kiss everything, from photographs and soft toys to geckos, walls and windows.

Jacob Lennon – Andrea and Sophie imagine that kissing the school heart-throb must be like eating melted marshmallows. Then Andrea finds out for real.