The BBC and Darkfield present an unnerving trilogy of immersive binaural experiences. Meet yourself in the DEADHOUSE.

DEADHOUSE is a trilogy of immersive audio horror shorts, all for a single listener, lying down, with their eyes closed. Headphones are essential. The listener becomes the subject while the binaural sound surrounds and creeps towards them. Their familiar environments slip away, to be replaced by other, less comfortable, worlds that feel unnervingly real. Each episode is for the cold and the callous amongst us, and takes a look at the separation of mind and body.

‘There is music at the limits of my hearing. There are demons at the edge of my vision.
There are ghosts in the machine’

  • Edgar Allen Poe
  1. BETHLEHEM – What if death is merely a pause? If you could live for just one more day, is that an offer you’d take up? You come into consciousness. You cannot speak. You cannot move. You cannot even make it understood that you hear everything going on around you. All you can do is listen as your fate and the fate of all the other recovered bodies on the ward with you are determined by petty-minded bureaucrats. Content warning: Medical procedures, Bodily fluids, Death, Dead bodies, Physical violence, Strong Language.
  2. SALEM – What if another mind could inhabit your body? Would you happily hand over the reins to them? Having been lulled into a hypnotic trance by a soporific voice you wake up somewhere you didn’t expect. You spend the next 20 minutes finding out where you have been and what you have done… Content warning: Depictions of hypnosis, Extreme Violence, Murder, Animal Cruelty, strong language.
  3. XANADU – What if consciousness outlives the body? What if there was an experience of being dead? You are dead. Your eyes do not react to light, in fact all your reflexes are absent. And that is because you are dead. Even if you were to briefly sit up, like Lazarus, it wouldn’t alter the fact. And they are burying you in the ground because you are dead. Hell, it turns out, is simply disembodied life.