Beauty Of Britain is a comedy from Christopher Douglas and Nicola Sanderson with a cast led by Jocelyn Jee Esien.

Beauty Olonga, bargain hunter and star of the Burslem Hope Gospel Choir, works as a carer for the Featherdown Agency and sees herself as an inspiration to other African girls hoping to live the dream in Britain. “There are plenty of opportunities here. The professional classes are always off sick due to binge drinking and the rest are too lazy to get off the couch to answer the pizza delivery man.”

Her journal records her adventures among the nation’s elderly – their overheated houses, their cauliflower cheese addiction and their wandering arthritic hands.

The series is about one woman’s progress through a foreign country as she searches for personal fulfilment, a sense of belonging and perhaps a pair of Jimmy Choos she can walk to church in. It also presents a perspective on the elderly care process in all its chaotic, tragic-comedy but it does so from the viewpoint of an economic migrant, Beauty, whose Southern African Shona background has taught her to respect age.