It’s the late 1930s and, even on the remote island of St Martin’s in the Isles of Scilly, war seems inevitable. But the islanders have their own battles to contend with, stuck on a rock flung 27 miles out into the Atlantic with only their natural grit and gallows humour to see them through.

When a stranger in a suit arrives on the island, the locals decide he must be the undertaker come to deal with the body of the late postmaster. Then they discover he is not an undertaker after all – so they naturally conclude that he’s a spy. But the truth is worse than that – his name is Frank Gunwallow and he’s been sent over from Penzance to modernise the Post Office, around which their world revolves.

The islanders are determined to resist this unwelcome change and are deeply suspicious of the young man from the mainland. Frank realises he’s got a fight on his hands – and it’ll take more than a shiny new telegraph machine to win them over….

Created by award-winning novelist and scriptwriter Christopher William Hill, this gentle comedy stars Joseph Kloska as Frank, with Christine Absalom, Peter Marinker and Alex Tregear.

Series 2
Sirens 1 1930s comedy set on St. Martin’s, one of the Isles of Scilly.
Adventure 2 1938: Ben tries to prove to Morwenna-May that he’s a man of action. Stars Joseph Kloska.
Sermons 3 Despairing of his flock, Father Tregarthan enlists the help of an unlikely source.
Swimming 4 1930s comedy set on St. Martin’s, one of the Isles of Scilly.

Series 1
Spies 1 1937: locals on a remote Isles of Scilly island resist modernisation of their post office.
Omens 2 Old Grace is sure of strange happenings since the new telegraph machine was installed.
Movies 3 1937, Morwenna is bored with island life.
Barter 4 Morwenna is trying to improve herself, and Frank needs a lesson in island economics.