Early in 1914, two men meet in the wilds of German East Africa – one is a German, the other an Englishman.

Both men are roughly the same age, both share a similar background and each man looks almost identical to the other.

This similarity gives Leopold von Ragastein a perfect opportunity…

David Robb stars in E Phillips Oppenheim’s mystery thriller.

  1. Old Friends Meet – East Africa 1914 – a German and Englishman look alike which fuels a sinister plan.
  2. The Homecoming – German agent Leopold returns to England to take up life as Sir Everard. With David Robb.
  3. Lady Dominey – The spy claiming to be Everard Dominey goes to Norfolk, – where he has a lucky escape.
  4. The Messenger – Things start to unravel for spy Leopold as he tries to keep two women happy.
  5. The Truth Revealed – The Kaiser’s plans gather pace and the mystery of the black wood is revealed.