A one-man comedy sketch show from character comedian and voice artist Damien Slash featuring a profusion of high octane characters – all from his own voice. Featuring guest appearances from Natasia Demetriou and Roisin O’Mahony.

Meet the sinister, pipe-smoking dog who’s looking for a master, find out what’s on Morgan Freeman’s bucket list, witness Ian McEwan in a parallel universe as a grime artist. There’s the erudite, articulate troll who regards his work as performance art; Automated David, the troubled man behind automated phone systems; and the Masterchef contestants serving up superinjunctions and making mountains out of molehills. Gamblers, gamers, music execs and tech CEOs seeking immortality.

Plus, every TV car advertisement ever is summed up in ‘Serious Man Car’, and the shock troops of gentrification are parodied in a series of commercials and audio diaries targeting Peckham-dwelling, wannabe-woke, avocado-munching maniacs.

From the surreal to the satirical, from the zeitgeist to the absurd, no aspect of modern life is left un-skewered in these two fast-paced, frenetic and fabulously funny series.