Strange and chilling tales from the award-winning master of thrillers Ray Bradbury, who tops and tails these radio dramatisations in his own inimitable style.

Season 1
Episode 1 – Night Call Collect – Marooned accidentally on Mars, telephone engineer Barton waits for the rescue rocket and goes on putting up the phone lines. Then one morning – on his 80th birthday – the phone rings.
Episode 2 – Have I Got a Chocolate Bar for You – One afternoon in the Confessional, the priest hears a familiar voice and smells a familiar smell…
Episode 3 – The Jar – Charlie’s worried the neighbours don’t call. But after buying a strange jar, his house is centre of attention.
Episode 4 – The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl – Murder is the ultimate crime. Acton realises it’s important – vitally so when committing the murder – to pay attention to detail.
Episode 5 – I Sing the Body Electric – When a young mother dies, she’s replaced by a ‘Mark V, 110 volt, AC/DC, Electric Grandmother’. What else?
Episode 6 – Skeleton – Harris is troubled by his bones. An expert is needed – a real expert. Who better than Doctor Munigant?

Season 2
Episode 1 – The Man Upstairs – A new guest in a boarding house is disliked by the grandson of the lady who runs the house. But why? The reason soon becomes startingly clear….
Episode 2 – Jack in the Box – A young boy lives an isolated life – until a death opens the door to the outside world…
Episode 3 – The Scythe – A young farmer gets more than he bargained for when he stumbles across a seemingly deserted farm.
Episode 4 – The Wind – A man fears for his frantic friend, who claims he’s being pursued by enraged winds out to exact revenge.
Episode 5 – And So Died Riabouchinska – A man lies murdered in a basement – but there’s a surprising non-human witness.
Episode 6 – The Day It Rained Forever – The last remaining residents of a drought-stricken hotel receive salvation from an enigmatic source.