Join Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick and Joan Sims as they go beyond Round the Horne. Taking over the mantle of Round the Horne, Stop Messing About carried on the comedy tradition, which reunited Kenneth Williams with both Hugh Paddick and Kenneth’s Carry On co-star, Joan Sims. These episodes include such favourites as crusty old judge Sir Inigo Parchmutter, Crackerjackanory With Mother, more visits to Tolpurgis Hall, as well as a couple who bear a bona similarity to Julian and Sandy. With much vada-ing and some wonderful film adaptations, such as A Fistful of Denaro and Oliver Stick, Stop Messing About is packed with outrageously funny sketches, parodies, double entendres and saucy songs. Stop Messing About – the first all-nude radio show. Nervous listeners are advised to keep their eyes closed – and it s forbidden to take photographs.

Stop Messing About was the follow-up to Round the Horne starring Kenneth Williams, with Hugh Paddick and Joan Sims. The announcer was Douglas Smith.

The sudden death of Kenneth Horne, at the end of series four of Round the Horne prompted a rewrite of the material intended for series five which then found its way into Stop Messing About alongside new sketches; Round the Horne writers Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke are therefore credited with series one of Stop Messing About, while series two, which was entirely original, was written by Myles Rudge.

The title of the show was a catchphrase coined for Williams by Galton and Simpson back in the days of Hancock’s Half Hour. Hugh Paddick and announcer Douglas Smith were retained from Round the Horne, starring alongside Joan Sims, who had already signed on for the fifth series of Round the Horne in place of Betty Marsden and therefore made a smooth transition to Stop Messing About.