Alexei Sayle writes and stars in the comedy about life, love and not living together. Also features Siobhan Redmond, Adjoa Andoh, Chris Pavlo, Nadim Sawalha, Harry Towb and more.

Loft – Having read ‘Women are from Mars and Men are From Croydon’ and ‘Set Sail on The SS Relationship’ – Andy thinks it’s about time he and Julie headed into deeper waters. So naturally this means a visit to the estate agents…

Airport – Andy and Julie take their holiday at Heathrow Airport. Strolling through the waste ground beyond the perimeter fence, Julie wonders whether all their holidays will be like this.

Animal – Andy and Julie make their first attempt to throw a posh dinner party.

Occurrence – Andy’s dinner party sparks a rift with Julie.

Enemy – Dad’s double-life shocks Andy and Julie.