Bill Bailey stars as Guy Starling, a middle aged man, who, after 45 years, and for reasons quite unknown to him, is suddenly revisited by his imaginary childhood friend Hennikay.

It’s the biggest day in his career and he is on the brink of closing the biggest deal in the history of Maidstone, but when Guy Starling strides into his office at Solutify Technology, a software house that develops games for grown-ups to waste their time playing on their phones, he is confronted with an 11-year-old boy, playing keepy-uppies.

And to make matters worse, no one else can see or hear him. Because he is Hennikay, Guy’s imaginary friend from his lonely childhood.

Neither of them knows why he is there after all these years, but he refuses to leave and even though he sees the world through the naïve eyes of a child from 1976, Hennikay might just be there to help his oldest (and only) friend in the world save the day and close the deal.