It’s 1945 and the war in Europe is coming to an end, until one day, a new Nazi aircraft appears of astonishing design. A group of soldiers are sent to investigate.

Slipstream is a radio drama by Simon Bovey originally broadcast on BBC 7 during March 2008. It combines a story of a raid by British commandos into Germany during the Second World War with a science fiction story concerning a new Nazi aircraft capable of fantastic speeds, which shot down 150 Allied bombers during a bombing mission. The aircraft, which is silver and disc-shaped, may be constructed around an extraterrestrial artifact.

1 – Into the Wolf’s Lair – It’s 1945 and the Allies are certain to win the war. Then an unidentified aircraft appears
2 – The Eagle’s Nest – Barton and his team head deep behind German lines to track down a terrifying new weapon.
3 – The Tomorrow World – Barton and the team have found the Germans’ secret weapon. But what exactly is it?
4 – This Island Earth – Things can’t get much worse for Barton and his team – or can they?
5 – Fight for the Future – Jurgen and Kate are desperate to get the weapon away before all is lost.