Following on from Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, Lister, Rimmer and Cat have discovered a cache of ‘Better Than Life’ headbands in one of the sleeping quarters. They fantasize that they board the Nova 5 and use its Duality Jump drive to return to Earth.

Lister settles down with a woman who looks exactly like Kristine Kochanski in Bedford Falls, which looks exactly like the Bedford Falls in Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”, Lister’s favourite movie. He has two sons, Jim and Bexley, and opens a successful shami kebab shop. Rimmer becomes the head of a multi-national corporation, Rimmer Corp., and has a 50 billion DollarPound fortune. He’s married to Juanita Chicata, the most beautiful model and actress in the world, with a massively fiery temper. He’s also developed a time machine, which he uses to beat George Patton, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte at “Risk”. The Danish government gives the Cat an island, on which is built a giant golden castle, right out of a gothic fairy tale. The castle is surrounded by a moat of milk, and is staffed by eight-foot tall, scantily clad Valkyrie warriors. He likes to travel on fire breathing yaks and shoot dogs.