Seeing Ear Theater was an internet based drama/re-enactment troupe attempting to capture the feel of older scifi radio plays. The content was originally maintained on the website and ran from 1997-2001.

In the United States, radio drama is virtually dead. But just after the internet blossomed, “radio” drama briefly revived itself. Between 1997 and 2001 dozens of Science Fiction and Fantasy stories were produced by a dedicated and talented crew of multimedia artists, writers, actors and musicians using the RealPlayer technology to delivery “radio” drama via streaming audio. And what a revival it was!

Starting small and building bigger and better productions until its demise, the SEEING EAR THEATRE was arguably much better than the SCI-FI channel that spawned it. It managed to capture some of the top living SF writers of today, like Harlan Ellision, J. Michael Straczynski, and Kim Stanley Robinson. It also produced some classic stories, from the likes of Fredric Brown, Poul Anderson, and William Tenn.