Drama featuring blind detective Jack Dunroody.

  1. Blind Man’s Buff – The case of a missing cat takes a sinister turn when fantasising blind detective Jack Dunroody gets embroiled in the death of singer Sacha D’Amour.
  2. Donne To Death – Wronged by Sir George Moore in the 17th century, poet John Donne is said to haunt the family home once a year to exact a deathly revenge….
  3. Blind Devotion – Blind detective Jack Dunroody is hired by Thelonious, a monk worried about the fate of his Abbot at an island monastery…
  4. More Than Meets The Ear – Detective Jack Dunroody is trapped in a cave, with the tide rising – and a monastery murder still to solve…

Starring Paul B Davies.

Marius Brill’s Chandleresque noir-fiction series of whodunits featuring blind detective Jack Dunroody.