Justin Edwards, Mel Giedroyc and Dave Mounfield, along with special guests, present sketches and musical comedy

World’s End on Sea – Justin Edwards, Mel Giedroyc and Dave Mounfield have been invited by the Mayor of seaside town World’s End on Sea to perform a hair raising tribute to Houdini. Justin’s invited the “nicest woman in showbiz”, Rebecca Front, to join them. But he’s unaware of history between Mel and Rebecca, dating back to them appearing on Celebrity Supermarket Sweep. It turns out that Justin also doesn’t know much about Houdini – believing him to be an Italian woman. Luckily Dave, fearing the show may be a disaster causing him to miss out on the free lighter promised by the Mayor, is on hand to rewrite the play. Mel persuades Rebecca to perform a radio first, a recreation of one of Houdini’s most daring stunts. But will the truth of what really happened on Supermarket Sweep ever be revealed? Will the show restore the fortunes of the once fashionable seaside town? Will Dave get his free lighter?
Great Hillston – The Rum Bunch have been invited by the parishioners of the sleepy rural idyll of Great Hillston-Near-Water – birthplace of the Jacobean playwright Lydia Le Provost – to perform her most famous play, The Murderous Priest. Justin has invited the showbiz legend and serious actress, Jane Asher, to take the leading role. It’s been her lifetime ambition to perform the play’s famous death scene.
Clenton – Justin Edwards, Mel Giedroyc and Dave Mounfield are in the fictional town of Clenton to perform a poorly researched re-enactment of the life of Annie Oakley, the gun toting legend of the Wild West. Due to Mel’s terrible American accent, Justin has asked Clare Grogan to take on the main role – much to Mel’s annoyance. Meanwhile Dave is trying to boost the sales of his homemade fish paste by getting a celebrity endorsement. Things take a turn for the worse after Clare, inspired by her criminal alter ego, goes off script. Will Mel ride to her old friends’ rescue? Will they be able to understand what she says if she does
Grissock – Justin Edwards, Mel Giedroyc and Dave Mounfield are in the mining town of Grissock to tell the story of talc through the ages, using songs, sketches and powerful verbatim theatre. Justin has actually done some research for this week’s play, interviewing some miners in the social club and writing down what they said to him. Sadly ,not all of it was relevant. The band go on strike and special guest Vicki Pepperdine launches a coup. Is this the end for Rum Bunch. The Rum Bunch is Justin Edwards (The Consultants, The Odd Half Hour, Newsjack, Sorry I’ve Got No Head, The Thick of It), Mel Giedroyc (Mel and Sue, Bake Off, Let It Shine) and Dave Mounfield (Count Arthur Strong, This Is Jinsy).