A sweeping adaptation of Olivia Manning’s classic war novels, starring Joanna Lumley and Honeysuckle Weeks.

1939, and na├»ve young newlywed Harriet Pringle arrives in Bucharest with her husband, Guy – just as Europe is about to rip itself apart. She believes she knows everything about the man she has married, but soon realises she knows nothing.

Guy is oblivious to her needs and desires, seeming only to care about his job as a university lecturer, his friends and the beautiful, voluptuous Sophie. Struggling to build a life in a strange city, in the face of imminent invasion, Harriet feels bereft – and increasingly isolated.

As the Nazis come ever closer, an act of treachery puts the couple in terrible danger, and with Romania in enemy hands, they are forced to leave the country. Fleeing to Athens and then Egypt, their marriage comes under increasing strain amidst the chaos and upheaval of war. With the future uncertain, can they find the strength and resilience to face it together?

Joanna Lumley stars as the older Harriet, looking back on events many years later, with Honeysuckle Weeks as her younger self. Among the stellar cast are Khalid Abdalla, Alex Wyndham and James Fleet.