DCI Greave is on the hunt for serial killers in this gripping Radio 4 full cast crime series.
Series 1:
Each Roman Catholic parish compiles a Book of the Dead from the lists of departed loved ones submitted by parishioners. Printed on the front of the envelopes are three words: November Dead List. In this series, a young priest opens one such envelope and discovers – not a list of the dead but a list of people he knows to be alive, and members of his congregation. At first he thinks it’s someone’s idea of a joke. Then the people named start turning up dead.
Greave is played by Nicola Walker

Series 2:
Set in rural Norfolk, one of the lowest crime areas in the country, DCI Greave leads a team investigating two potentially linked murders. Both victims had their heads shaved antemortem and Greave discovers a link to a case in London a couple of years ago: the Dead List murders. At each crime scene, she’s found prayer cards depicting Christian martyrs whose deaths corresponds to the victims in her case.
Greave is played by Lia Williams