Imagine two worlds at war. In one, citizens with jetpacks and ray guns have colonized Venus. In the other, magic reigns supreme, and history turns on swords and spells. Now imagine they have just discovered a third world.

Our world.

Our timeline of rideshare apps and strip malls is about to become the newest battlefield in the long war between science fiction and fantasy.

In Florida, assassins are hunting down optical scientist Felicia Scurry. Her only chance of survival lies with long haul trucker Bucephalus Troy, who has stumbled into a world he calls Bamalot, a swords and sorcery version of today where magic works and science never happened. In Seattle, YouTube blogger Charity Kong is on the trail of a jetpack-wearing secret agent who broke her heart. And in a sinister secret college deep under Oxford, a failed comic book artist just might have started a Three Worlds War.

Legendary science fiction writer Neal Stephenson teams up with World Fantasy Award-winning author Sean Stewart (Galveston; Cathy’s Book) and Austin Grossman (Soon I Will Be Invincible) to present New Found Land: The Long Haul, a thrilling, hilarious, and mind-bending audio drama in the tradition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Fast-paced, funny, and deeply weird, The Long Haul is a warm-hearted, rollicking adventure about ordinary people rising to an extraordinary moment.

New Found Land: The Long Haul is performed by Amber Williams, Jay Snyder, Gregory Connors, Izabel Mar, John Zdrojeski, Steve Routman, Graeme Malcolm, John Pirkis, Elizabeth Evans, LJ Ganser, Marc Vietor, Elizabeth Jasicki and features the voices of Allyson Johnson, Carrie Seim, Josh Hurley, Kevin T. Collins, Khristine Hvam, Lauren Fortgang, Nick Sullivan, Raphael Corkhill, and Steve Rimpici.