Six part sitcom set on a Gloucestershire farm. Stars Alison Steadman, Nigel Planer, Morwenna Banks and Tony Gardner.

Organic farmer Ben and his musician wife Cicely run Dangerfield Farm in Gloucestershire – but they’re not getting any younger and are feeling the strain of such a demanding occupation. Their daughter Beatrix turns up unexpectedly, fleeing from London after a bust-up with her husband Archie, with whom she runs a children’s party company. She won’t say much about the split and regresses into childish and disruptive behaviour. Archie, who is adored by his in-laws, turns up regularly with new ideas to try and woo Beatrix back. He always fails – yet inadvertently manages to fix the household’s dilemmas.

An escape to the country and a jaunt though the eternal agonies of love and the complexities of family life. The seasonal rhythms and tasks of farming life give structure and atmosphere to a story about a family adapting to the return of an adult child in crisis.