There’s a crack in reality and something’s breaking through. Ten mind-altering tales from some of the best new drama podcast writers.
A new 10-part drama

1: Over And Out – An American soldier killed in WWII turns up in the present day.
2: When We Are Heard (Part 1) – Someone – or something – is interfering in Millie’s life. And her mum’s too.
3: Night Jungle – Something’s growing in Eve’s damp-riddled flat. And it’s threatening to take over.
4: A Miracle – Precious is convinced that the tree by her block is moving – and she’s going to prove it.
5: When We Are Heard (Part 2) – Millie and her mum attempt to uncover who it is that’s listening to their phone calls.
6: Last Night on Earth – Germaine stumbles on a parallel universe behind a roller bin.
7: Disappearances – Mo was turning invisible, bit by bit. But then Midge walked into her life.
8: Man’s Best Friend – Lloyd is plagued by a mysterious dog.
9: The Queue – What could be so important to make people wait in a queue – for years?
10: When We Are Heard (Part 3) – Millie and her mum try to escape whoever it is that’s been interfering in their lives.