Murder for Christmas

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas – By Agatha Christie, dramatised by Michael Bakewell

With Peter Sallis as Hercule Poirot, Simeon Lee is a monster to all around him and especially his family – but someone has planned to seek revenge on this particular Christmas Eve.

The Nine Tailors – by Dorothy L. Sayers, dramatised by Michelene Wandor

Gary Bond as Lord Peter Wimsey, Jeffery Dench as Fr Venables, Terry Molloy as Supt Blundell, Mary Wimbush as Tailor Paul, Hedli Niklaus as Batty Thomas. On his way to visit friends at Walbeach, Lord Peter Wimsey’s car lands in a ditch and he and Bunter are forced to take shelter at Fenchurch St Paul. Here they learn of the theft of the Wilbraham emeralds…

The Valley of Fear – by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dramatised by Roy Apps

with Tim Piggott-Smith as Sherlock Holmes, Andrew Hilton as Dr Watson, James Aubrey as Douglas, Lee Montague as McGinty One drab January morning in the year 1889 Holmes’s attention is taken up by a strange message in code that leads him to the scene of a bizarre murder at Birlstone Manor in Sussex…

Death and the Dancing Footman – by Ngaio Marsh Dramatised by Alan Downer

With Nigel Graham as Chief Det Insp Roderick Alleyn, Laurence Payne as Jonathan Royal and Steven Pacey as Aubrey Mandrake Jonathan Royal is a man rich enough to indulge his somewhat extravagant sense of the theatrical. But when he hits on the bizarre idea of throwing a weekend party with guests who have good reasons to loathe one another, his malicious comedy quickly turns to tragedy.

Unto the Grave – by John Penn dramatised by Melville Jones

With John Castle as Supt Thorne, Tessa Worsley as his wife, Miranda, Stephen Thorne as John Kempton, Diana Bishop as his wife, Rose When a body is found floating in the pool of a luxurious hotel in the Cotswolds, Superintendent Thorne is called in to investigate.

The Smiler With the Knife – by NICHOLAS BLAKE dramatised by BARRY CAMPBELL

With and A thieving magpie and a rather fussy Surveyor of Highways cause Nigel Strangeways and his wife to stumble upon an organisation which has close links with Fascist Germany and some very odd ideas about the future of this country.

More Work for the Undertaker – by MARGERY ALLINGHAM dramatised by MARGARET ETALL

With The Palinode family are relics of a gracious past, and not the sort to get themselves poisoned. But this is what seems to be beginning to happen, and Campion, as an old friend of the family, decides it is time to look into the matter …

Trent’s Last Case – by E.C Bentley adapted by Alan Downer with Martin Jarvis as Philip Trent.

Sigsbee Manderson was renowned and hated throughout the financial world. One day he’s found murdered. Trent is put on the case, a case that will prove to be his last, and one he certainly won’t forget.

Appleby’s End – by Michael Innes, dramatised by Michael Bakewell

with John Hurt as Insp Appleby, John Le Mesurier as Everard Raven, Christopher Benjamin as Heyhoe/Insp Mutlow, Joyce Redman as Clarissa and Pippa Guard as Judith Appleby of the Yard is used to dealing with serious crimes, but from the moment he steps on the train to Snarl to investigate a series of bizarre happenings, i he’s plunged into a world where jokes play too large a part.

Crime at Christmas

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – by Agatha Christie, dramatised by Michael Bakewell

When Hercule Poirot retires to the country to grow vegetable marrows, he finds that someone has planted the seeds of treachery and murder.

The Governess – by Evelyn Hervey dramatised by Barry Campbell and Michael Bakewell

With Angela Pleasance as Harriet Unwin and James Bolam as Sgt Drewd. It all began with the theft of some sugar mice, which was hardly a crime to interest Sergeant Drewd. But it was followed by something rather more serious – murder.

Smallbone Deceased – by Michael Gilbert, dramatised by Nesta Pain

With Hywel Bennett as Inspector Hazelrigg, Dominic Guard as Henry Bohun, John Rye as John Cove and Jill Simcox as Miss Cornel. At first, Marcus Smallbone’s disappearance causes irritation in that eminent firm of solicitors, Horniman, Birley and Craine. But when his body is found in one of their deed-boxes, irritation turns to fear as the staff come under suspicion….

Inspector French and the Starvel Tragedy – by Freeman Wills Crofts, adapted by Alan Downer

With Edward de Souza as Inspector French and Jonathan Tafler as Detective Constable Tanner. On the night of 15 September, Starvel House burnt to the ground and its three inmates perished in the flames. An inquest brought in a verdict of accidental death, but Inspector French thinks differently!

Miss Pym Disposes – by Josephine Tey dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.

When, in 1948, Miss Pym accepted an invitation from her friend Henrietta Hodge to lecture at Ley’s Women’s College of Physical Education, she little thought that a collection of such healthy specimens of young womanhood could harbour currents dark enough and emotions strong enough to lead to murder …

Murder by Degrees – by John Abineri

The old gentlemen at Bromley Old Gentlemen’s Retirement Home are restive, what with a poisoner in their midst; as is Miss Fadworthy, the proprietor matron trying to make ends meet.