Richie Webb stars as performance shy cocktail pianist, Nigel Penny.

Nigel’s attempts to live his life in the background are thwarted by the surprise arrival of his entrepreneurial half-brother, Pav.

Pav hooks Nigel up with desperate wannabe singer Rachel and strong-arms the pair onto the books of his fledgling entertainment agency.

With a gig at a Carpenters-themed wedding on the horizon, Nigel has to contend not only with his job at an Italian Restaurant run by a probably-not-an-actual-Italian, but also with Pav’s mysterious new Ukrainian friend, Stan, and some disturbing news about his new musical partner.

Despite his protestations of sea-sickness, Pav books Nigel to accompany Rachel as the entertainment on a floating barge at an event hosted by Belinda, an old acquaintance of Nigel’s.

Meanwhile Stan is yearning to return to his homeland.

Richie Webb stars as shy cocktail pianist Nigel Penny.