Dramatisation of short stories by the great English writer Somerset Maugham

The Creative Impulse 1/6 A husband runs off with a cook. Somerset Maugham drama with Dirk Bogarde and Sylvia Sims.

The Vessel of Wrath 2/6 An unlikely romance in the Dutch East Indies. With Dirk Bogarde and Anna Massey.

The Round Dozen 3/6 A bigamist aims to chalk up wife number 12. Dirk Bogarde narrates.

Footprints In The Jungle 4/6 A couple at a Malaysian country club have a murder in their past. Narrator Dirk Bogarde.

The Facts of Life 5/6 Told not to gamble, lend money or see women, Nicky hits Monte Carlo. With Dirk Bogarde.

Before The Party 6/6 Kathleen thinks her sister knows more about her husband’s death.